About Smokin Guns MC

The Smokin’ Guns MC is a Law Enforcement, family and community focused motorcycle club. We are made up of State, Local and Federal Law Enforcement Officers active and retired. We also have a membership of individuals that share the same core values as Law Enforcement Officers. We require that all of our members conduct themselves as a respectable member of our society and expect every member of our club to act with Integrity, Honesty, and Respect, the same standard expected of Law Enforcement Officers. We exist to help fellow LEO's and their families in times of need. We also support the community that we have sworn to protect and are here to help those who are not able to help themselves. We have an annual run to raise money for a scholarship to be given to a high school senior that wants to pursue a career in Law Enforcement. For more info about our ride click on Smokin Skulls for Scholars in the main menu section to the right. We believe that our families come first, our careers second, and the MC third. Keeping these priorities in order are vital to our success.

Our Colors:

The skull in the middle of the patch helps to remind us of our mortality on the job and as we ride our motorcycles. On the Trooper style hat is a badge with a Thin Blue Line Shroud to show our respect to the Officers who have given the Ultimate Sacrifice. The smoking revolvers are a symbol of the weapons we carry every day to protect our life and the lives of others. In the glasses you will see the reflection of the Rocky Mountains, the place that we call home. We wear a traditional 3 piece patch not out of spite, but to show the world that we are a motorcycle club that maintains an honor and respect for the clubs of the past and to keep the traditions alive well into the future. Our Patch is not for sale and individuals must earn the right to wear them! We will always give respect to whoever crosses our path, and expect the same in return.